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Have you ever looked at a website at home and it looks great, then you check again on your smart phone and you couldn’t understand what you are looking at?  Say you are trying to show your friend a place you had seen earlier and it doesn’t quite come up on your phone.  The pictures and words seem all off?  It’s a common problem now that more and more people access the web through their mobile devices. Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a way to ‘adapt’ to the different screens?

Responsive design is one of the fast growing trends in design that takes a different approach to how a page is designed and tries to ‘adapt’ to the user screen.  In the past, websites were designed using pixel numbers, like in photography, to display words and pictures.  This usually made the best viewing on a PC or laptop.  Using Responsive Design, however, we can change these pixel numbers to a percentage (yes, there is a little math involved).   This makes the content more flexible as it changes from one device to another.  So no matter how big the screen is on your device, you get the same quality view.

We are bombarded out there with HDTV’s, tablets, smartphones and all the other techie toys, and we expect high quality websites with good looking graphics.  We don’t always have time to fire up our laptops, we want to pull out our phones and get the info we need  right here, right now…and Responsive Design helps us get that.

Is it perfect? No. But it is a promising step forward that we’ve included as an option to our designs. We expect this trend to continue to grow as we continue to use our mobile phones more and more over traditional PC’s and laptops.

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