Responsive Design

One Website – Adapting to Your Viewer’s Screen

Desktops, Laptops, Tablets, Smartphones — so many platforms to consider when it comes to designing your website. How can you design a website that can ‘adapt’ across the different displays? Enter Responsive Design.

Imagine having a design that reacts to your user’s screen… From large, widescreen formats to small smart-phone screens your web visitors can see a website with the same content formatted to maximize THEIR screen.

Not Sure It’s Right for Your Website?

While not ideal for every website, responsive design tends to be effective for simple, brochure-based websites – but it can also be used for more complex designs with proper planning. Tarcom Internet Solutions can help you decide if this approach works for your website or if a mobile/tablet-optimized website would be more effective.

Want to See it in Action?

We built our website using Responsive Design. To see how it works, you can either view our website on a mobile device or if you are viewing this on a desktop, simply resize your browser window smaller until you see the website ‘adapting’ to the new size rather than scrolling.

To learn more about Responsive Design, please contact us today.