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How Can Social Networking Help Your Business?

Everyone uses social media these days, don’t they?  Are you on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin?  There are many opportunities that social networking can offer for businesses to reach out to their customers.  You just have to have the right approach.  Traditionally, companies figured out their target audience, developed talking points to introduce their product and if consumers bought the product, great.  They’d measure the results and repeat the process.

Social media laughs at this strategy.  Social media exists because it provides a platform for people to independently offer information about a product or service to consumers.  It’s not a sales pitch.  People trust the objective opinions of these third party reviewers.

Some of the benefits of Social Networking for your business are that you can hear what people are saying about your company online.  People feel free to be honest online.  You can find your target audience and communicate one-on-one, and gather feedback on your products.

Social networking also provides an avenue to produce and distribute exclusive offers/information that can be shared.  It provides a platform for your loyal customers to build a community around your brand.  You can extend your reach to many more people with word-of-mouth buzz about your products.  What is this product that everyone is talking about on Twitter?

You have to be careful how you use Social Networking in your business.  You want to make sure you earn people’s trust and don’t overstep your usefulness in the conversations. You want to inject your product/service into the conversation without being promotional.  You need to be transparent and honest in your approach.

Used the right way, social networking is an integral part in today’s marketing strategies.  If you focus on your audience and add value to their lives, you will attract followers.  Social networks are vibrant and constantly evolving.  They help you get new customers, increase awareness and stay connected.

If you’re still unsure how social networking can help your business, give us a call. We can help create a social networking campaign for your business.

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