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Do You Bake Your Own Bread?

Don’t you just love the smell of fresh-baked bread? We all would love to make our own bread, but does it turn out quite like the pros? First, you need to find a good recipe, then go to the store and gather all the ingredients.  Then, when you get home, you need to mix everything, let it rise and bake it.  Finally, hours later, you can eat it!  Yes, it is satisfying to know you did this all by yourself, But,do you have the time, patience and expertise to do it correctly, or is your time much better spent going to your local bakery and choosing from the wide variety of tasty breads and satisfy your craving immediately?  These artisan breads are made fresh daily, by bakers who know how to make a great bread.  It’s their job and they do it well…or they’d be out of business.

Are You ‘Baking’ Your Own Website?

The same can be said about your website.  Are you ‘baking’ your own website – designing, developing, updating, optimizing and maintaining your own website instead of letting a professional do it? Just like life-long bread makers, professional web firms know what they are doing.  They keep up on the latest trends and tricks of the trade to make websites interesting and easy to navigate.  The technology is always changing…adding new features all the time.   In today’s business world it is important to have a great website that catches potential customer’s eyes.

It’s also of utmost importance for your site to come up in the first pages of web searches.  People are more likely to search the web for businesses than to page through the phone book.  Good web firms know how to use key words on your site to make it pop up in top searches.

You have about 8 seconds to impress a viewer to continue on your site, and possibly hire your company or purchase your product.  Content and messaging is king here.  You need to be short, sweet and to the point.  How the heck do you do that?

Well, just like letting the Baker Bake the Bread, you need to let the designer design the website.

Of course, you could try buying a ‘template’ and putting the pieces together – but will that give you a lasting impression?  First, you need to do your research to find one that would work for you (like finding the right bread recipe).  Then it is important for you to be able to understand how the template works.  It really helps if you are tech savvy and can understand the nuances of computers and web design.  The problem with some of these templates, is that they tend to look very similar between sites.  It doesn’t lend itself to creating a unique website.

With a custom-designed website, the sky’s the limit.  You can convey your image and goals of your new site to the web firm and they then use their knowledge, skills and creativity to make your business stand out.  They can also help your search rankings go up, with the words and content he chooses for your site.

So, let a professional web designer create your website (or bake your bread) for you, so you can really focus on parts of your business you do best! It will save you time and can ultimately make you money!

If you’d like to check out our ‘recipes’ for great ‘bread’, please give us a call! Let us show you what Tarcom Internet Solutions can do for your business.

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