The Passion to Create – The Experience to Make it Happen

Our team includes a carefully selected group of professionals to help with all your web and print needs. We foster different skills and backgrounds, but share the same driven spirit to help your project succeed. We are creative minds at heart motivated by curiosity, yet grounded with strong business skills and an unyielding desire to be the best at what we do.

T. Rick Sibay

President and Creative Director

Rick has over two decades of experience in and around the IT sector. He has a strong technical background along with extensive marketing and management experience. He is a very hands-on leader and is involved with most client projects, regardless of size. He is also a contributing author to two published books on Sales and Marketing with an emphasis on technology.

Tania Nazam

VP Messaging and Branding

Tania brings to Tarcom a strong background of marketing, messaging and branding skills. She has a unique perspective of helping clients create a strong digital brand and often helps them effectively brainstorm messaging and content ideas. Her simple, focused approach has helped many of Tarcom’s clients throughout the years in defining a clear and concise message for their website and other collateral.

Don Fisher

VP Business Development

Don joins Tarcom with a strong background in technical, management, sales and marketing in the IT industry. He was previously Director of Operations and a founding partner of a leading provider of IT Services. Prior to that, Don was the VP of the Professional Services Division of a network security and appliance firm. He has worked as a program manager in many different capacities as well as an independent consultant.